Caring for your Pets this Winter Season

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Caring for your Pets this Winter Season

Caring for your Pets this Winter Season

Winter can be dark and difficult time, quite literally for both humans and pets alike, despite the festive spirit. It is important to take certain precautions in order to keep your pets healthy and safe during the winter months.

With dogs, smaller and short-coated breeds like Dobermans or Chihuahuas may require an extra dog coat especially when going outside. Most pets including dogs and cats are not used to extreme weather conditions and are likely to develop frostbites or hypothermia, which is potentially fatal.

However, it is advisable to maintain the usual walking, or activity routine even during the winter months, but you must ensure that you give your pet’s paws a good wash after returning as the salt and ice on the pavement may irritate their paws or result on the formation of painful ice balls. You can also invest in reflective, bright gear for you and your pet so that drivers and other motorists can see you clearly to prevent accidents.

If your pets, including dogs, cats, hamsters, and other small animals seem relatively inactive during the winter months, you should keep a check and regulate the amount of feed that they receive and must also ensure that they are not dehydrated or drinking water that is at a cooler temperature than they are used to.

The most important thing to take care of is to keep a watch on your pet at all times so that they do not wander into unknown territory; and it might be useful to microchip your pets for this purpose so that you know where they are; snuggled up in their warm bed, or when they are feeling adventurous.
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