How Owning a Pet can keep you Happier?

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How Owning a Pet can keep you Happier?

How Owning a Pet can keep you Happier?

Owning a dog, cat, or other exotic pets can be a task when taking care of them, but scientific studies denote that pet company can keep you happier and healthier.

Researchers at the American Psychological Association report that on average, pet owners also tend to be more extraverted and outgoing, as well as relatively well-adjusted with higher self-esteem as opposed to individuals who did not own pets, owing to the social and emotional support that pets have to offer.

If you own a pet you are likely to be physically fitter as well. Your dog’s routine walks or cat’s play-time ensures higher levels of physical fitness as well, and walks in the park can also promote social life – through interaction with other et owners or neighbours.

Pet owners also seek to find time out of their life of work worries to spend time with their pet, which is a significant way to de-stress and keeps the mind healthier and happier.

Looks like you’ve got a lot to be thankful to your pet for!

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