How to Avoid Stressed Pets

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How to Avoid Stressed Pets

How to Avoid Stressed Pets

Pets are conscious beings just like humans, and there are many factors that may trigger stress within them, which usually reflects in their behaviour. It is important to acknowledge the significance of activity in the management and combat of stress among pets that is usually an outcome of a pets inability to follow their natural instincts.

Dogs need to be kept engaged and active to prevent boredom and stress-related behaviour, so it is important to keep your dog well exercised. Daily walks not only help with fitness levels; they allow your pet to be exposed to new environments and engage with new objects in the atmosphere, which is mentally stimulating. Since dogs are relatively social animals, and therefore most dogs prefer to involve their owners or care-takers in their games, which means that providing your dog with toys is not enough. Dogs must be engaged and interacted with, which can be done through accompanied jogging, hiking, leash or obedience training, and games of catch and Frisbee.

Cats and kittens, on the other hand, usually prefer to be indoors; so creating a safe play environment for them is necessary for their optimal physical and mental health. You can see how your cat responds to toys made for felines in general and engage them in games or activities, or just use a toy that would encourage jumping pouncing, running and stretching.

Such activities not only allow your pet healthy levels of physical fitness; they help keep your pet mentally stimulated and sharp along with keeping their senses engaged – and this leads to reduction of stress as they feel free to follow natural instincts.
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