Pet Cancer Awareness

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Pet Cancer Awareness

Pet Cancer Awareness

In light of November being Pet Cancer Awareness Month, let’s educate ourselves a little about cancer among pets. We are all aware of the fatalities associated with the onset of cancer among human beings, but it must be acknowledged that cancer can also occur in pets. It’s necessary to understand the types of cancer that can affect pets, and its impact on their lives.

One of the most common types of cancer among pets is skin cancer; that are usually manifested as skin tumours. Detection of such tumours at its early stages only requires examination by a veterinarian and does not require a specialist. However, more serious stages of cancer can appear and spread to the bone, glands, mouth or lymph nodes and may require specialised care in the form of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, or a combination of such treatment. It must be noted that treatment is usually long-term and may require repeats – a single surgery does not guarantee the complete dissolution of cancer cells in the pet body.

Another thing to consider if your pet is diagnosed with or suffering from cancer is the finances involved in treatment, which should be discussed with the family as well as your vet, who can provide you with options of effective treatment plans. You can also look into pet insurance to aid you with your finances as well, or approach funded programmes and causes run by clinics and hospitals.

The best way to try and prevent the onset of cancer among pets is to ensure their good health through keeping them active, feeding them an appropriate and well-balanced diet, and regular visits to the veterinarian, which is highly significant. Cancer diagnosis may be extremely worrying, but you should try and keep your pet as comfortable as possible during the process, as they will always silently look to you for reassurance and support.
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